The Top 3 Questions You Should Ask About Joint Health Supplements In The USA

1. What is wrong with the glucosamine and chondroitin sold in America?
A lot of glucosamine and chondroitin sold in America is fake, low quality, has ineffective dosages, does not have in it what is claimed on the label, or comes from unproven sources. The National Institutes of Health acknowledged these problems in an article they recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine; however, this information has been suppressed. This is the largest billion dollar American fraud of our generation.

2. What is wrong with natural remedies sold for joint suffering in America?
These products are not strictly regulated and either: (A) have no significant scientific evidence proving that they work, (B) use low quality ingredients, or (C) are skimping on ingredients so they are not effective at all.

3. Should dietary supplements be more strictly regulated in America?
Yes. Most of what consumers are buying is not effective at all. No federal agency is checking to make sure that what is stated on a label is in a product or that it is something that works.

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